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You can find details of our City & Guilds and OCN dog grooming courses below.

We pride ourselves on offering courses for the complete beginner to the more experienced groomer seeking qualification within the industry.

We are always happy to answer your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Our current start dates for courses are MAY 2022 (enrollment taking place NOW) for full time and part time students, along with Saturday only courses.

We encourage early enrolment on our courses to book your space in advance as places are limited and get booked up quickly.


Nikki is talented and a mine of information!

“I completed my Level 3 introductory course with Nikki at Gillsmans Dog Grooming.

It was such a good course, very practical from day one, lots of useful information, loads of different dogs.

I loved the fact I was washing a dog on my first day. Nikki herself is absolutely lovely, very talented and a mine of information! I asked countless questions and she is always happy to help (and still is now!).

She is flexible in the way she teaches, if you need lots of showing how to do things or if you are are happy to have a try, she will support you.

From the training I received I felt confident enough to open my own salon and have been very happily working there since.

I hope to continue and do my diploma soon.”




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Duration: 22 days

Times: AM Wednesday to Saturday

Cost: £4000

Deposit required: £1000

This twenty two day dog grooming course will give students the chance to cover some of the basics of grooming. It will involve mostly basic practical hands on involvement and also focus on Health and Safety within the salon. At the end of the course you will gain your City and Guilds Level 2 Certificate for Dog Grooming Assistants.

The course will cover:

  • The correct handling of dogs
  • Recognition of health problems
  • Brushing, de-matting and bathing and some basic clipping and trimming
  • Health and safety in the salon
  • Ear cleaning, nail clipping and teeth cleaning

Kit included:

  • Ocn pet first aid course

  • Free business workshop day

Please note this course has to be completed before going onto the level 3 diploma.

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Duration: 25 days

Times: Wednesday to Saturday (minimum two days per week)

Cost: £4500 or £4800 including upgrade kit

Deposit required: £1000

The Open College Network West Midlands Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming – 603/0891/6

This nationally recognised qualification encourage skills necessary when grooming dogs with different types of coat. Learners will learn how to use a variety of equipment and increase their knowledge of grooming styles. Learners will gain knowledge of canine first aid and have an understanding of the health and wellbeing of different breeds of dog.

Learners will have an opportunity to gain competence in the Dog Grooming workplace.

This qualification has been designed for those looking to become professional dog groomers or those who already groom dogs but do not currently hold a nationally recognised qualification.

Units included within this qualification cover:

  • Ocn pet first aid course
  • Free business workshop day
  • Assess, Plan and Record Dog Grooming Work
  • Canine First Aid
  • Carry Out Styling and Finishing of a Dog
  • Health Checking a Dog by a Dog Groomer
  • Promote and Maintain the Health and Well-Being of Animals
  • Welcome, Receive and Care for Customers
  • A FREE certificate in Animal Handling and Animal First Aid
  • A FREE business management certificate giving you guidance in running your own salon and customer relations

Kit included:

  • Ocn pet first aid course

  • Free business workshop day

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Level 2 Fast track 7765-02 Grooming assistant/experience groomer seeking qualification

Duration: 7 days

Times: Am… Wednesday to Saturday

Cost: £2000

Deposit required: £1000

This seven day course will give students the chance to cover some of the basics of dog grooming. It will involve mostly bathing and brushing practical hands on involvement and also give the student a chance to complete their City and Guilds Level 2 grooming assistants qualification.

The course will be tailored to the individuals requests.

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City & Guilds 40 Day All Inclusive level 2 & 3 professional groomer

Duration: 40 days  (+160 hours of home study days)

Times: Am… Wednesday to Saturday

Cost: £6600

Deposit required: £1000

    This course is aimed at those wishing to pursue a professional career in dog grooming and will give you the skills required and plenty of hands-on experience with a wide variety of breeds.

    You will complete both the Level 2 and Level 3 City & Guilds Qualifications during this course, you will also complete a professional pet first aid course as well as a business studies workshop.

    The course includes:

    • Correct handling of dogs
    • Health checking and recognising problems
    • Professional level 3 OCN Pet First Aid Qualification
    • Professional running of a Business Workshop
    • Styling to breed standard or owner’s requirements
    • Clipping, scissoring and hand stripping
    • Ear, nail, anal gland and teeth maintenance
    • Health and safety in the salon
    • Guidance in running your own salon and customer relations
    • 32 days salon training and 8 days home study required

    Kit included:

    • Ocn pet first aid course

    • Free business workshop day

    All students will receive a Professional Dog Grooming Pack worth over £500 for their own personal use during and after the course.

    The pack contains a wide variety of quality equipment which is all you will require during your course with us and to set up as a dog groomer afterwards. For an additional fee we also offer a pack upgrade which will include Cordless Clippers, chunkers and trimmers.

    The Level 2 & 3 City & Guilds Qualifications are included in this course.

    City & Guilds hands on only grooming course

    Duration: 20 days

    Times: Wednesday to Saturday

    Cost: £3500

    Deposit required: £1000

      This course is a 20 day hands on practical only course for students wishing to learn about the practical side of grooming only.

      There will be no theory other than notes of your grooming work. You will learn within our busy salon and how the grooming salon runs. You will build a portfolio

      of work during your course for you to take away. Health & safety in the salon and handling. Basic trimming from client request to some breed standard. Hand-stripping, teeth cleaning, anal glands, nail clipping all will be covered in this course.

      The course will Include a pet first aid OCN level 3 certification and a business workshop day.


      Taster day/Groom your own dog day

      Duration: 1 day

      Times: Saturday/Monday

      Cost: £180

      Deposit required: £40

        This 1 day course is a fab way to get a feel for the salon and see if dog grooming is for you before committing to the 24-day course.

        You can either bring your own dog and learn how to groom your breed correctly and save on grooming fees in the future.

        Advice on products and equipment will be given and detailed notes of your breed will be explained for you to take away.

        Level 3 OCN K9 first

        Duration: online course distance learning

        Cost: £160

          This course is for anyone working within the animal industry. Dog walkers, kennel staff, dog boarding and dog groomers.

          The complete course is online and is taught by a veterinary surgeon.

          Topics covered:

          Communication, signs of pain, clinical examination, K9 CPR, bandaging, choking and much much more…

          All tasks and lesson are done online with easy access videos to guide you through the course.

          There is an added online HOW TO section to help with everyday questions such as..

          How to bathe an eye or how to collect a urine sample. Lots of useful information to help you on your way to becoming an educated pet care professional and certified pet first aider.

          On completion of this course you will receive a level 3 OCN qualification certificate.


          As part of the level 3 introductory and fast track intensive courses, we offer accommodation for students. This is ideal for students that don’t want the stress of travelling every day.

          We offer a clean modern double room in our family home at a fantastic rate. Much cheaper than any B&B in the area.

          A package can be arranged for each individual student who can combine the cost of the course and B&B.


          The confidence to work alone

          “My Level 3 Introductory Course was one of the best things I’ve ever studied.

          Such a wonderful and varied combination of practical hands on grooming from day 1, to interesting theory throughout.

          As a more mature student, it took me a while to get to grips with certain things but then everything just clicked. Nikki patiently answered my never ending questions and repeatedly demonstrated things which I found difficult.

          Going to the salon to meet her customers and groom their gorgeous dogs was an absolute pleasure – and I worked on such a variety of breeds.

          Learning so much in such a short space of time has given me the confidence to work alone and I have a small home salon opening in Brighton. 5*”

          ADELE CLARK

          Learn how to groom dogs
          City and Guilds Dog Grooming Courses

          Nikki is a fantastic teacher

          I have just completed my Level 3 introductory course with Nikki and absolutely loved it!

          The salon is very well laid out and presented and easy to work in. Nikki is a fantastic teacher, down to earth and easy to get along with and teaches in a way the individual will understand.

          One of the best groomers I’ve met and I am so glad to have had her teach me. Thank you for everything Nikki.



          By far the best money I’ve spent

          “I did my level 3 introductory in dog grooming at Gillsmans dog grooming training salon. I can honestly say it was by far the best money I’ve spent I’m now the proud owner of my very own shop with a very busy salon.

          I trimmed a variety of different breeds and was surprised just how much I learnt in 24 days with Nikki.

          I found the staff very supportive and friendly i never felt uneasy or felt I wasn’t achieving.

          Nikki gave me constant support throughout the course and her teaching was very good and made it in a way easy to follow with a relaxed approach.

          I felt at the end of the course I was confident to go alone.

          I can honestly recommend this grooming school to people that don’t want to go into a college environment and learn at their pace with constant support and a nice calm atmosphere.

          I left the school knowing I can call Nikki at any point if I needed too.

          Thank you for giving me this great opportunity I don’t think I’ll ever look back.


          LINDSEY MOIR

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          Gillsmans Dog Grooming Salon

          READY TO


          We are always happy to answer your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are ready to book please contact the salon.