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Puppy Grooming Hastings St Leonards Bexhill

We love a puppy! Who doesn’t?

Here at Gillsmans we love helping puppies have a good first experience to the world of grooming. Getting used to the sounds, smells and sensations takes time so an early start is essential. Puppies are welcome to visit the groomers as soon as  they are fully vaccinated.

Ensuring your puppy is groomed regularly at an early age can help them become better adjusted in adult life.

We offer FREE puppy grooming for every new puppy on their first visit, plus a free puppy pack!


We use a top of the range bathing system that correctly mixes the shampoos and a special hose that penetrates down to the dog’s skin.

We use a range of different shampoos designed for different skin and coat types. We have shampoos for sensitive skin, brightening shampoos for lighter/whiter dogs, shampoos for the really dirty dogs that like long walks on the beach, as well as medicated and pesticide treatments.

All dogs receive a blueberry facial which is kind to eyes and leaves the face refreshed.

Our dryers are top of the range. We use a variety of dryers from mega blasters to fluff drying finishing dryers – all suited for your dog’s needs.

wash and bath dog groom hastings st leonards
My boy had his very first groom today and Gillsmans came recommended… they did not disappoint!

The team were so welcoming and friendly and Rusty instantly took a shine to them even though he was nervous.

They really listened to me and took really good care of him – I’m beyond pleased.

Thank you Gillsmans – you’ll be seeing us again 🐾🐾

Asha Boswell


De shedding dogs service

If you have a smooth coated or double coated breed and are forever hoovering, this is the treatment for your dog!

With up to 80% less shedding, it really shows results!

Smooth/short coated breeds such as Labradors, Jack Russells, Pugs, Bull dogs and Staffordshire ball terriers, as well as double coated breeds such as GSD, Huskies, Collies and many more can benefit from this treatment.


This is a specialised technique that removes coat from wire haired terriers and silky coated breeds.

It is very time consuming and involves great skill to achieve the right finish.

Hand stripping will keep a desired good harsh texture and rich natural colour to your dog’s coat. 

We charge an hourly rate of £20 for this service so price is per breed.

dog grooming hand stripping service hastings st leonards
Juniper can’t wait to go in to Gillsmans when we arrive and always has such a great time while there.

The team really care about the dogs they have there and Juniper always leaves happy and then crashes out for a few hours when we get home.

Jim Poulter


dog styling at gillsmans
We always listen to your requests & advise you on the best style for your pooch.

We will advise on home maintenance and how often your dog needs grooming at a professional salon.

You can have a practical pet trim for dogs that enjoy muddy walks or strolls along the beach or a breed standard trim.

Knotted & matted dogs will be assessed and if we feel your dog warrants a shave down, our shave down policy will be issued, signed and dated and a fee added to your grooming bill.


Eye treatments and cleaning can be requested as an extra on top of your grooming session.

Ears will be assessed during our health check and if they have any sign of infection we will not touch the ears and advise that you seek veterinary advice.

Only dogs that warrant ear plucking will be done as requested by owners.

This is not included within a grooming session and therefore incurs an additional fee.

Blueberry facials are part of a grooming session. They brighten the eye area, especially on lighter coloured and tear staining coats

dog ear cleaning
My dog had his first professional groom today, he is 3 years old nearly.

I found Gillsmans on Google as was looking for somewhere that did nail clipping at first.

My poochy couldn’t wait to get started and as soon as his harness was off went into the parlour and had a sniff and walk around and was very curious but absolutely loved it! They really listened to what I wanted to be done.

Very friendly staff and my dog came out of the experience happy too! Would highly recommend them to anyone ❤️❤️

Kellie Mortimer


dog nail clipping

Nail clipping is included in all our grooming sessions.

We also offer a walk in service that you do not need to book an appointment for. One of our groomers will happily do this while you wait for £12.

Nail clipping is FREE if you are a regular 6 – 8 weekly full grooming customer. You can pop into us anytime and have your dog’s nails clipped in-between grooming.

Please note that all our grooming sessions are catered to each individual breed so please contact us for a quote.


We offer instant results teeth cleaning!

Keeping on top your dog’s oral health will stop gum disease and as your dog gets older it’s important to maintain this to avoid any costly vet bills in the future.

We combine ultrasonic teeth brushing that breaks down plaque build-up and descaling giving amazing results.

Fresh breath sprays. And plaque removal gels will be used.

First session or one off £35
(Follow up session within 2 weeks)

Follow up or a session with grooming £22

7 session packages is £135

Extra 5 more sessions (on top or follow on from the 7 session packages offer) £75

Please note a consultation is required to assess your dog’s oral health before any cleaning is performed.

dog teeth cleaning hastings



We are always happy to answer your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are ready to book please contact the salon.